• This is a call to arms, to every person who believes that God created the earth

This is a call to arms, to every person who believes that God created the earth
and its inhabitants; and will judge the earth and its
inhabitants. To every person who believes that the people of our state and our towns have been sharers in the immorality of the nation. To every person who believes that the chaos and violence that is taking over the world is beginning to infect our nation and us.
This is a call to join us in unified prayer for our homes, our towns, and our nation. A call to God to change our direction and our hearts. This is the prayer that Jesus taught:
"Our Father who is in heaven, may your Name be kept holy, (Through how we act, speak of You, and think about who You are.)
May Your kingdom come, and may Your will be done here on earth as it is done in heaven. (May where we live be free of violence, corruption, lies, and other things that destroy us.)
Give us today our daily bread. (Feed us, protect us, and fill us with the power of Your Spirit to help us defeat our weaknesses that are destroying us.)
Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors. (The road of forgiveness of sin is through Jesus by forgiving everyone else. God will measure to us, as we measure to others; be smart!)
Keep us from being lead into temptation. (You know where we are weak, help us not to go there no matter what pressures are brought by our government or the world.)
Deliver us from evil. (Protect us from evil and the evil one whose desire is our destruction.)
Because all the power is Yours, all the kingdom is Yours, and all the glory belongs to you.
Many of us pray this prayer daily. Join us in asking God for help.
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. This is not an attempt at prompting any translation or denomination. This is an attempt to unify us in asking God to help our country, our state, and our neighborhoods.
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PostedJuly 16, 2017